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Hubdoc Pricing, Reviews, & Features in 2022

what is hubdoc

You can also connect Hubdoc to your usual cloud storage account such as Box or Dropbox. Or, you can set up the Email Forwarding option so that every new document uploaded to Hubdoc will be forwarded to an email address. It is still a good idea to have backup storage when using the software. Remember, you are dealing with your financial records – receipts, bills, checks, bank statements, and perhaps important contracts. Once you delete a document or an account in Hubdoc, it will be lost if you haven’t downloaded it and saved it to your hard drive. MI Solutions are specialists in accounting software and are a full service provider offering installation, training and maintenance.

  • All of the attachments sent will be uploaded automatically to your Hubdoc account.
  • Before you request to edit the company profile on Slintel, Let us know who you are…
  • Hubdoc allows you to sync the data from your documents to your accounting software.
  • It allows you to extract important financial information from any document.
  • This software allows our our accounting department to remain organized and to pull up a receipt that is stored in Hubdoc with ease.

Hubdoc was founded in 2011 and has grown to millions of customers worldwide. The company provides a monthly subscription service for individuals and businesses.

You can use Hubdoc to:

We should be able to look for a document when needed, easily find the one we want, and not spend so much time organizing our papers. This software allows our our accounting department to remain organized and to pull up a receipt that is stored in Hubdoc with ease. Around the world in 2022, over 169 companies have started using Hubdoc as document-management tool. Companies using Hubdoc for document-management are majorly from United States with 159 customers. 38.50% of Hubdoc customers are from the United States.

  • One of my client’s banks with Chase, and Hubdoc fetched statements going back to 2008.
  • The answer for most small businesses is to use time-saving accounting and bookkeeping software.
  • It integrates seamlessly with both QuickBooks Online and Xero.
  • This means that when your client messages you with a document such as a receipt, you can send it to hubdoc directly from the chat with a quick click of a button.
  • Hi Jody – Jamie McDonald, co-founder of Hubdoc here.

Hubdoc provides training in the form of not offered. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. Hi Jody – Jamie McDonald, co-founder of Hubdoc here. Awesome overview on how Hubdoc can work for your practice. You have some really smart product insights on how we can work to eliminate silly, wasted clicks. I have asked our product lead to get in touch with you to discuss. The OCR is correct most of the time; I rarely have to make corrections to the data.

Also see other Products/Services by Hubdoc in:

Upload your documents – This is a good option if the documents are handy. You can simply drag and drop your scanned documents into your account individually, or upload them by batch. This option can be most useful for those who want their employees to be able to send their receipts directly to Hubdoc without needing for them to have access to the Hubdoc account. One of the biggest challenges for small business owners is to keep their books up-to-date and understand their financial position in real-time. Many people are looking for answers to these questions in order to build a sustainable business.

what is hubdoc

Unlike FileThis, Hubdoc also fetches the .CSV data for bank statements, which can be real time savers for batch data entry. Let Hubdoc fetch it, or if you already have a .pdf version, drag and drop it to Hubdoc, or email it to your unique Hubdoc email address. Configure the doc to sync as a Bill, and off it goes to your accounting software. You can set rules to auto-sync bills, achieving truely zero-entry syncing. Hubdoc is indeed a very easy piece of software to use, but uploading random documents may also require that you review these documents to make sure they are properly categorized. There is also an option to assign tags for better document management.

Hubdoc Email Formats and Examples

As your business grows, your workflows become more complicated, clients require more,… Take a photo of your receipt, invoice or bill with the Hubdoc app. Hubdoc then scans, extracts, and stores your documents, ready for publishing. It also seems to me that Hubdoc is less smart at remembering which Vendor goes to which account; this is easier to configure in RB, and works better there. This actually works better than the way QBO itself handles this scenario (QBO doesn’t handle it).

  • Hubdoc offers support via business hours and online.
  • One of the most valuable features of Hubdoc is the ability to extract information from receipts, invoices, or bills.
  • You can set rules to auto-sync bills, achieving truely zero-entry syncing.
  • According to HubDoc’s website, “Hubdoc helps companies say goodbye to data entry.
  • Thus, these can be tasks that can be assigned to a specific person where his access can be restricted.
  • The company provides a monthly subscription service for individuals and businesses.

Next, as the bookkeeper or accountant, you configure the client’s Hubdoc account to sync with their accounting software. Supplier names, amounts, invoice numbers and due dates are extracted for you to create transactions in Xero and QuickBooks Online with the source document attached. You can even test it for 14 days to determine if it’s really what you need. You can use all the features offered without providing your credit card information. All your transactions can be consolidated on one screen. Match invoices and receipts to the corresponding transactions. FINSYNC’s mission, with innovative software and unmatched customer service, is to help small and mid-sized businesses succeed.

Which mobile platforms does Hubdoc support?

It gathers your receipts, invoices, statements and bills and stores them in one central hub. No longer do you need to login to several different accounts to get your information. Sync your bills, receipts and invoices and their data to your accounting software.

  • Hubdoc automatically extracts vital information from receipts, invoices or bills.
  • Seamlessly match transactions with your bank feed so you have reconciled, up-to-date financials.
  • When you connect your accounts, your recurring bills and statements will be retrieved by Hubdoc and added to your cloud account.
  • It is not dependent on the size or sector of the business.
  • As a small business, you likely don’t have fully-staffed accounting and bookkeeping departments.
  • Close deals faster by understanding your clients well.

You can start moving your documents to Hubdoc almost instantly and you will surely figure out how to use it what is hubdoc in no time. Thus, getting set up and getting rid of your paper documents may take less time than expected.

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The iPad app, however, does offer some basic account management, which is a nice feature. While Hubdoc creates its own folders when setting up a new bank account, you can rename the folders it creates, and manually add additional folders. I use this feature for the instances where Hubdoc has fetched multiple years of statements – I create a subfolder for each year. Set user roles in Hubdoc so staff can complete tasks like uploading receipts without allowing them access to sensitive data and other features.

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